Introduction of the Platform for seniors in Hungary

On the 13th of March 2018 Pannon Business Network made a workshop for elderly citizens to invite them into the testing of the Brain@Home platform. 17 interested persons came to the pre-announced event in Szombathely and they listened to the presentation and introduction of the solution. All the functionalities, possibilities and social functions of the platform have been presented with the possibility to try the usage on a tablet as well. Not only the platform itself but also the participation criteria was presented to them. 




The questions of the elderly have been all answered by PBN colleague Ákos Éder and from the clinical part, Ágnes Harsányi-Hajdu. The feedback of the seniors was very positive in general, and 15 of the seniors were very interested in participating in the trial phase and already signed-up for the enrollment. They will soon be contacted and the cognitive tests will start in the coming weeks. Let's get the real tests started! 





The project Brain@Home is cofounded by the AAL Joint Program and the National Authorities in Romania, Italy and Hungary.

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