Demo Session of the Platform in Italy

In Italy, Milan, two demo sessions were held on the 26th September and 3rd of October 2017, organised and moderated by the colleagues of CCP (Casa di Cura del Policlinico) and MH (Media Hospital). On these thematic sessions the clinical expert of CCP and the IT expert of MH showed and introduced all the major aspects and goals of the Brain@Home platform for the participants. Just as in the other two countries (Romania and Hungary) subjects had the possibility to check on the usability of the tool. 

Though, some valuable feedback of the 3 elderly persons say that the navigation of the platform could be further developed, the general idea is great and the platform looks nice, all the functionalities are clear to understand. Still, in case of the Virtual Tour (Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania) some additional information could be useful and the navigation could be a bit easier to have a more comfortable experience. 

Another important suggestion is to promote engagement also through interesting inputs, feedback, music and social tools to share info and scoring with friends or other users!”

All these inputs are highly welcomed and supports the project partnership for striving for even more highest quality of games, environment and virtual tours. 





A Brain@Home projekt a AAL Joint Program, és a Román, Olasz  és Magyar nemzeti hatóságok által lett alapítva.

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