Brain@Home project on the annual AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra, Portugal – Press Release –

On the annual AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra, Portugal, the Brain@Home project has been presented to the participants of the forum by Ákos Éder (PBN, Hungary) on 3rd October 2017.


The audience got an introduction about the main idea of the project, the partnership, the main activities and the main goals of the project.


The international consortium prepared an easy-to-understand poster with all the relevant information not only with the main tasks but also about the technical and clinical background of the individual activities. The interested people have also asked the speaker about the end user involvement and the Brain@Home platform functionalities, special features and usability as well.


20-25 people listened carefully the introduction of the virtual environment, the created virtual tours, just as to the serious games that have already been or will be developed.

The crowd was very much interested in the solution in general and experts in the field of AAL welcomed the idea and are looking for getting to know the final product later.







Il progetto Brain@Home è co-fondato dal programma comune e le autorità nazionali in Romania, Italia e Ungheria.

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