Demo Session of the Platform in Hungary

As in Romania and in Italy, Pannon Business Network hosted a demo session meeting with 7 elderly users on the 25th September 2017 in Szombathely. The goal of the get-together was to show the Brain@Home platform and website to potential elderly users. 

Akos Eder (PBN) presented the general idea of the project, the website and the platform. The Virtual Environment, the Serious Games were introduced in detail to the participants. As for the main reason of the meeting, elderly people were requested to give instant feedback about their ideas and feeling about all the elements. 

The session went very well: all the participants enjoyed the presentation about the platform, but, most importantly, the individual persons took the chance to test the Virtual Environment on a touch-screen laptop, where they could test not only the usability of the platform but also the games. Putting together puzzles, "walking in Bucharest" and solving memory games made the session with big fun. Based on this, the feedback was also positive: 

  • The platform looks really nice and detailed, which ensures high comfort, because it is easy to use.
  • The Serious Games were interesting and of big fun
  • The Virtual Tour in Romania was interesting but some parts were difficult to see (might be the problem of the resolution of the laptop screen)
  • The Virtual Environment is big and interesting, with precise details.
  • The final form of the navigation within the environment needs to be shown again, because it has been changed.






Il progetto Brain@Home è co-fondato dal programma comune e le autorità nazionali in Romania, Italia e Ungheria.

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