Pre-Trial selection meeting with Elderly Users

Today, on 16.11.2017 afternoon PBN and Karma Interactive organised a session for elderly users to inform them about the project and the trial session. 

After introducing the main idea, goals and outputs of the project, elderly users received detailed information about the trial period: when, how, with which conditions, on what kind of device they can participate. Not only the technical part has been presented: the clinical aspect and relevance of the trial, just as the proposed outputs were discussed. There poped up questions on the procedure of the selection, which, of course, were clarified. The participants listened carefully on the set-up of the trial. The whole process and the participation criteria, just as the content of the informed consent has been shown.

After the very successful and fruitful get-together 10 elderly persons out of the present 12 are highly interested in participating in the trials! They are all looking forward for the kick-off of the testing!




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