Demo Session of the platform in Romania

On 14th of September, University of Bucharest held a demo session at Geron Foundation with 3 end users, in order for them to try first hand the platform. Also attending the session were the members of the consortium, who was present via an online conference call. 

The experience was beneficial for both us, organizers and moderators as well as for the participants.

Siveco Romania presented the platform and introduced it to the end users by creating a working session that meant the navigation through a Virtual Environment in which Serious Games and a Virtual Tour were integrated, and asking for feedback regarding their experience with the tools. All three participants got the chance to hold the tablet and explore all of the project's  features. The entire session took around 2 hours. The participants were asking questions and getting acquainted with the novelty of the project.

The feedback that the end users gave us was very good and they pointed out many strong points that the platform has to offer, concluding that the platform is user-friendly and accessible.They were very keen to use it in their free time and to see the beneficial outcomes that would emerge from that.

The University of Bucharest was also involved in explaining the health benefits that will come with accessing this platform. It was emphasized that by exploring and participating in the serious games and virtual tours that the project has to offer, the user's mental health would be kept in shape and would slow down the aging process of the brain.







Proiectul Brain@Home este co-finanțat de programul comun  AAL  și de Autoritatea Națională din România, Italia și Ungaria.

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